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A moving company, or transport company, is exactly what it sounds like, a service provider responsible for moving your home or business from one location to another in a timely and efficient manner, and for a reasonable price. Like any other service industry, the country abounds with providers, however not all are of the same experience, ability, or overall quality. Before entrusting your most valuable possessions to a couple of guys and a truck, you want to make sure the company you are hiring is reputable.

Of course, the best place to start is with an internet search. The cream usually rises to the top, and some of the best movers in the area can often be found on the first or second page of Google search results. Then of course there are the review sites such as Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and of course, Facebook. You might also want to check out sites specific to your neighborhood sites such as Next Door to see who your neighbors have been hiring and what their experiences were. Nothing has ever quite been a successful substitute for word of mouth.

Basically, a moving company is going to take care of every facet of the move, from beginning to end, and do so in a thorough and professional manner. Everything starts with the inventory, where the provider meets with the homeowner to look over and account for every item that is to be moved. Some folks are content to have just the furniture or other large items moved and take care of smaller items or boxes on their own. Other folks don’t want to touch anything and will entrust the movers with EVERYTHING. Moving companies have their own systems in place for keeping proper track of everything to be transported, as well as a method for taking care of even the most unusual, fragile, or delicate items. A complete and thorough inventory helps make the day of the move a bit less hectic.

Movers also pack up your belongings, making sure cargo space is maximized while simultaneously protecting your belongings from damage. Very few folks enjoy the packing process…in fact it can become quite overwhelming. A good moving company can pack up and move an entire residence in a day or so. Granted, it’s usually an additional fee, but it’s worth the money. You can also rest assured that your belongings are properly protected.

Once the packing is completed, the movers will pack everything into the truck for the trip to your new abode. It’s quite fascinating to watch, as experienced moving companies will make use of every available inch in the truck. No wasted space here, and everything is designed to be taken off in a predetermined order at the end of the trip. The packing process is somewhat of a science, making sure that your 30-piece China set doesn’t arrive at your destination as a 60-piece set.

Movers also know how to properly secure larger and/or heavier items so that they don’t shift during transit. A large piece of furniture suddenly lurching from its spot could mean damage to other nearby boxes and items. Movers make use of straps, mats, and clamps to keep everything in its proper place.

Of course, the next step in the process is the actual transport from one location to another. Few of us know how to drive a 10-ton truck with any degree of efficiency. Movers hire and train experienced drivers who know how to handle and navigate even the worst of traffic conditions. Licensed and insured movers are legally responsible for your property and having an experienced driver behind the wheel goes a long way towards ensuring that.

Of course, what goes in must come out, so when you arrive at your destination, the movers will be responsible for unloading your property and placing them in their correct locations within the new home. Professional movers know how to move extremely heavy loads quickly and efficiently. With the proper equipment, it only takes two men to transport something as large and bulky as a refrigerator or bureau, and they can also take proper precautions to make sure that floors and walls in the new home are not damaged by incoming furniture.

Your moving crew can also arrange those large items within the home, placing them where you want them. This cuts down on the need for you to ask a bunch of friends to help you do it later on. They will also have labeled the various boxes with their destination, so they know which boxes go in which room, cutting down on the confusion and miscommunication. For items that require reassembly, your movers can also take care of that job for you.

Finally, the movers will clean up any and all mess that may be left behind, including boxes, wrapping, padding, blankets, and other materials used to pack everything up. Ideally you will be able to start actually living in and enjoying your new home right there on day one.

Now you know the benefits of hiring professional movers to handle your next relocation. So, get your vision in place, and then let the pros handle it.